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09 May 2017

Federal Member for Braddon Justine Keay has called on the Government to revisit its approach to funding education and health before releasing its Budget on Tuesday.

“Since being elected in 2014 the Coalition has had their priorities all wrong and it appears that despite a change in leadership they have not changed their harsh approach,” Ms Keay said.

“For a start Malcolm Turnbull needs to reverse all the Coalition’s cuts to our health care system and unfreeze the Medicare rebate.

“Secondly, the Government needs to come clean and admit that the so called Gonski 2.0 will leave Tasmanian schools worse off by $84.4 million over the next two years alone.

“Prioritising big business for a $50 billion tax cut ahead of the future of our children’s education is wrong.

Ms Keay said health and education were not the only areas to suffer under the Coalition.

“Since July the Government has failed to deliver on a number of commitments made to Braddon in the lead up to the election and unfortunately it seems they are not likely to change any time soon,” Ms Keay said.

“Promises to deliver mobile phone reception to Sulphur Creek and Gunns Plains has been broken plus the West Coast is waiting with baited breath for the Coalition to keep its promise that construction would start on a West Coast NBN next month.

“Added to this is the failure surrounding the Farm Household Allowance, the NBN, the Centrelink robo-debt scandal and the unnecessary angst caused in the community by months of waiting for long term security for the Mersey Hospital.

“The Coalition’s continuing campaign to focus on the big end of town is having a real and harmful effect on some of the most vulnerable people in our community and the Prime Minister can make amends by fixing its approach to health and education as a start.”

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