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29 May 2017

Federal Member for Braddon Justine Keay has called on the Federal Government to confirm when mobile phone reception in Sisters Beach will be fixed.

“The Government needs to provide an explanation why the original date of May 19 for the launch of a mobile phone tower in Sisters Beach has been changed to June 29,” Ms Keay said.

“While Telstra has indicated the tower is expected to be switched on within a week or so from now, why has the Government dragged this out so long?”

Ms Keay questioned why the date had been changed.

“Considering this tower has taken almost two years to deliver I certainly hope the launch date was not changed just so someone in a shiny suit could come and flick the switch,” Ms Keay said.

“The Sisters Beach community has been waiting long enough and the Government needs to ensure mobile phone reception is available sooner rather than later.”

Ms Keay said in a speech to Parliament last week she had raised continuing concerns about the rollout of the Mobile Phone Blackspot Program.

“Not a single tower funded under Round 1 is operational and Sulphur Creek, Gunns Plains and Devonport residents are still waiting for confirmation on when and if they will get towers promised by the former member prior to the election,” Ms Keay said.

“Just last week the Government changed the goalposts yet again and changed the wording of Round 3 of this program to “Government Priority Locations”.

“While I welcome the inclusion of Sulphur Creek, Gunns Plains and Devonport on that list, the wording on the website suggests the Government may be able to walk away from these commitments if they do not get a successful application from providers to build these towers.

“I certainly hope this is not the case and the Government moves a lot quicker than it has done so far in this program to ensure these communities aren’t left in the dark as to when and if they will get mobile phone reception.”

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