Stand up to Turnbull's tax handout

Malcolm Turnbull and Brett Whiteley are giving a $17 billion tax handout to the banks.

Every dollar that Malcolm Turnbull and Brett Whiteley gives to the banks is a dollar he is cutting from our schools, hospitals and TAFE.

This includes cutting $14.7 million from our local schools and around $1 million from North West Regional Hospital.

Of course Turnbull & Whiteley want to give the banks a $17 billion tax handout – they’re both former bankers looking after their mates at the top end of town.

The Braddon by-election will be a referendum on Malcolm Turnbull’s $17 billion tax handout to the  banks.

It will be a choice between Mr Turnbull’s plan to send more money to the top end of town while cutting schools and hospitals, and Labor’s plan for better schools, better hospitals and better income tax cuts.

And the only way to stop Turnbull’s $17 billion tax handout for the banks is to vote for Justine Keay and Labor.