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Malcolm Turnbull And Brett Whiteley Betray The West Coast

July 09, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull must use his first visit to the West Coast as PM to answer these questions: 

Senator for Tasmania, Anne Urquhart said: “Malcolm Turnbull thinks it’s fine for people on the West Coast to have to drive for more than half a day to access a specialist while people in his electorate of Wentworth have access around the corner.”

“Malcolm Turnbull thinks Fibre to the Premises NBN is great – he had it installed at his Sydney mansion – and that people on the West Coast should be grateful to get the inferior, rotten copper service,” Senator Urquhart said.

“Brett Whiteley says “judge me on my record”. A record of out-of-date technology and poor health services speaks volumes for his inability to deliver for the West,” Senator Urquhart said.

“I understand Malcolm Turnbull and Brett Whiteley are attending the re-opening of the Avebury Nickel Mine today. Labor welcomes the mine’s re-opening. Any credit for such a re-opening lies with the operators and the global nickel price, which has almost doubled in the past year,” Senator Urquhart said.

“If Brett Whiteley or Malcolm Turnbull try and take any credit for the mine re-opening, they should use their new found magical powers to teleport specialists to the West Coast and turn their rotten copper into fibre,” Senator Urquhart said.

“Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay will stand up for a Fair Go for the West Coast,” Senator Urquhart said.