Media Releases


November 29, 2017

Students with disability on the North-West Coast of Tasmania are set to lose millions in funding in 2018 under the Liberals’ education cuts.


Shadow Assistant Minister for Schools Andrew Giles and Federal Member for Braddon Justine Keay today met with parents of children with disabilities who attend local schools.


Federal Member for Braddon Justine Keay said, “For local parents it is an ongoing struggle securing the appropriate level of support for their child.


“Data from the Federal Education Department obtained by the Australian Education Union shows that funding for students with disability in Tasmania alone will drop from $18 million in 2017 to $9.7 million in 2018.


“Cutting over $8 million dollars from some of our most vulnerable students across our state is unacceptable.


We should be trying to provide these kids with every opportunity to succeed in their education and support them in their aspirations and goals.


“The Turnbull Government doesn’t see students with a disability as a priority and they have short-changed them once again.


“Students with disability on the North-West Coast and across the country deserve better.”


Shadow Assistant Minister for Schools, Andrew Giles said, “Local parents and parents of students with disability in Tasmania are rightly concerned that these funding cuts will see the task of educating their child made harder.


“Students with disability need investment, not cuts.


“Labor wants every student to succeed and to achieve at the best of their potential. That means supporting the needs of every student, no matter the challenges they face.”


“Every student, in every school, deserves a great education. Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts will see students missing out on the help they need.”