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October 13, 2017

Students with disability in Tasmania are set to lose $8.3 million in funding in 2018 under the Liberals’ education cuts, according to new data released, with Tasmania facing the biggest cut of any state.


Federal Member for Braddon, Justine Keay, said that “Students with a disability, living on the North-West Coast, will be hit hard as a result of these cuts.


“The Federal Education Department data has shown that funding for students with disability in Tasmanian public schools will go from $18 million in 2017 to just $9.7 million in 2018. This represents a cut of over 45%


“The Turnbull government has shown that it cannot be trusted to look after our most vulnerable students and stand up for Tasmanian students with disabilities. 


“The silence on the fact that these cuts are being made is a mark of shame on this Liberal government.


“I call on the Premier and the Education Ministerto explain to Tasmanians why Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal party are pursuing these harmful funding cuts to Tasmania’s most vulnerable and why they have failed to stop them.


“They also must explain to the families living on the North-West, how the same services currently being provided to students with disabilities are going to be delivered after these current funding cuts take place.


“Students with disability need consistent funding, not unnecessary cuts. The drastic reduction in current levels of funding will not allow these students to achieve their potential."