Building Better Hospitals

Better access to hospitals and healthcare on the North West and West Coasts is my top priority.

The Liberals have cut nearly $1 million from the North West Regional Hospital to pay for their handout to the big banks. That’s like cutting 6 nurses, 1,776 patient appointments or 28 knee replacements out of Braddon. The Liberals have cut to the bone in Braddon. It has to stop.

Labor has a plan to build better public hospitals in Tasmania.

Labor will invest an additional $2.8 billion in Australia’s public hospitals through a new Better Hospitals Fund – fully restoring the Liberals’ cuts between the next election and 2025. The money is urgently needed to address hospital waiting times, and to ensure that our hard-working nurses, doctors and allied health workers get the support they need to do their jobs.

Labor will allocate $30 million to tackle Tasmania’s elective surgery waiting lists. This will enable almost 3,000 extra elective surgery procedures – equivalent to half the current waiting list.

Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay will stand up for a Fair Go for the North West and West Coasts.